Selvam Teacher Training Institute is an amazing place for students to continue their further studies after they are done with school. It is situated six kilometers away from Namakkal with total academic area will be 11 acres of land. It is different from other institutions that offer higher education in many ways. A student actually finishes off with an edge over the others, which is so important these days. Education is not about books and class rooms. A student can achieve and accomplish many goals because of the easy access provided to a variety of facilities. The students are assured of the best results. In we have pacca lab facilities, in various disciplines like Physical science, Biological science, Computer science and Psychology labs are available for the student teachers. A well equipped language lab has been set up-to enhance the English language competence of the learners. The Computer labs are designed with multimedia aids to make class room teaching effectively. Apart from the laboratories, the classrooms for the student teachers are well designed and spacious to facilitate comfortable teaching.

The institution gives much importance to promote Environment consciousness with its spacious premises, well ventilated buildings and greenery in the campus. The institution is situated in the rural area and noise free environment. The institute encourages and motivates the faculty members and student teachers to plant trees under the scheme “Each one plant one ” saplings are planted every year. They keep the campus dust free zone.

A well furnished library with 5000 volumes of books, encyclopedia, journals, text books etc., has also been placed in our institution. Computer labs with 25 desk top computers, LCD’s, Over Head Projectors, Language labs etc., are some of the facilities in our Campus.  We have Seminar hall and auditorium were Culturals and Orientation program have been conducted.

Academics, personality development, honing special skills or whatever the area of interest might be, the students get complete support from the faculty. It’s completely a new life for students stepping into this institute. New friends a lively entertainment, experienced faculty, renewed ambition and inspired goals are what every student can look forward. With students from different religious and social backgrounds coming together, mutual trust and sociability develops instantly and helps make their stay there. It is all about opportunity. The opportunity to make the best of friends, to meet interesting people from all over the old, to learn and grow under the guidance of the most respected academicians, to study in different universities abroad on exchange programmes to land the best of jobs and of course to have the best time of your life. Life here is highly productive.

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the ambience is calm, green and perfect for students. All the dreams, expectations and apprehensions faced by a fresh man are immediately embraced.The clean and cozy hostel rooms, helped the people and delicious mess food will surprise them makes you feel at home. One of Selvam Teacher Training Institutes merits is diversity. The colleges offer well structured courses in almost many stream.


Library is the treasure house of Knowledge opened to Academicians and students. The Library is fully automated and furnished with excellent stocks of books, National and International Journals Magazines, etc


A Tidy, well equipped and furnished canteen is available inside the college premises which offers hygienic and nutritious food to the students from morning to evening at a reasonable cost.


The internet facilities is available in the institute realising the consistent usage of the internet by the student and faculty.